Why service your gas boiler or gas fire?

We tend to take heating and hot water for granted and often don’t give our boiler a second thought until it breaks down. Prevention is better than cure and you should have your gas boiler and gas fire serviced annually to help prevent problems.

Save money on repairs.

A regular service will allow an engineer to pick up on any minor faults which could escalate to a full-blown break down in the future. This could save you money and help you avoid the inconvenience of a broken boiler.

Maintain warranty on a new boiler.

Modern boilers often come with large warranties of 7 or even 10 years. However, if your boiler hasn’t been serviced within the last 12 months then the warranty is invalid, and you may have to pay for any faults with the boiler. If you’ve recently bought a new house, you should have the boiler serviced.

Make sure you and your family are safe

Safety first! If your boiler is incorrectly installed, poorly maintained, or not regularly serviced, it can produce carbon monoxide gas. According to the Health and Safety Executive, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning kills around 20 people per year and the main cause is from gas appliances being incorrectly installed, maintained or ventilated.

Reduce your fuel bill.

Helping to keep those energy bills down…. Saynor Plumbing and Heating Ltd will make sure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible and help you understand how to use your central heating correctly. This could save you money on your fuel bills and subsequently cut your household carbon emissions.

Extend boiler life.

Our high-quality boiler service will help to extend its life span. During a service Ben will be on hand to offer you free advice and tips on how best to use your central heating to hopefully avoid potential problems.

Only the Highest Quality Work

boiler repair

Gas safe registered

Gas Safe Register number 566918

As a Gas Safe registered business, you can be assured that all our work will be carried out to the highest safety standards with aftercare and support.


Ben is an experienced gas safe registered engineer with City and Guild and NVQ Level 3 qualifications, so you can have total confidence and absolute peace of mind