Boiler Service

What to expect from an annual boiler service

Not all boilers are the same. Some boiler models can be disassembled and cleaned annually whilst others will need only minor cleaning combined with visual inspection, safety testing and adjustments to combustion where necessary. In general though, all boilers will require the following:

  1. Visually inspect all the main components to ensure the boiler has no obvious defects and that it is safe.  Main components include:  burner, flue, heat exchanger, gas valve, expansion vessel, pump, and fan.
  2. Strip and clean the boiler or gas fire wherever possible and necessary.
  3. Clean the condensate trap to prevent it blocking up.
  4. Clean the magnetic system filter (if fitted).
  5. Inspect the gas and water pipework and electrical supply to the appliance.
  6. Analyse the flue gas emissions to ensure the boiler is burning gas safely and efficiently.
  7. Check the gas supply to the appliance is sufficient.
  8. Identify any safety issues or improvements to the heating system which might prevent future problems.
  9. Advise how to maintain the boiler between services and how best to use your programmer and room thermostat.
  10. Finally, we will always issue a documentary proof of servicing. This will maintain the warranty on new boilers and will be essential should you come to sell the house.
  11. We can also provide an annual gas servicing reminder so you never need to worry about missing your annual service.

What to do?

What to do if your boiler breaks down

Make a note of any fault codes displayed on the boiler.

Make a note of what was happening when the fault occurred in terms of heating and hot water demand.

Find or download your boiler instructions and consult the fault-finding section.

Reset the boiler if safe to do so and monitor it to see if it happens again.

Call 07889 677286 during working hours if you need help.

I strive to accurately diagnose the cause of any central heating breakdown. I will always contact the boiler manufacturer to confirm my diagnosis and can order any parts needed whilst on-site to enable a rapid turnaround.

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Gas safe registered

Gas Safe Register number 566918

As a Gas Safe registered business, you can be assured that all our work will be carried out to the highest safety standards with aftercare and support.


Ben is an experienced gas safe registered engineer with City and Guild and NVQ Level 3 qualifications, so you can have total confidence and absolute peace of mind